text about Christian Foidl, june 2017

Christian Foidl reflects in his art, how the changes in our modern, globalized and more and more digitalized world affect our living. What is the lubricant for our work? How do we survive in this fast changing world? Do we get used to ever-changing requirements and solutions? Do we really need more insight and prediction or mobility to make a good living? Topics such as leadership, power or work processes are ubiquitous for Christian. In his art, he tries to look behind the facade of our working world. As an insider he is in a perfect position to do so.

Beside this constantly changing working environment he is also investigating topics apart from this business world. The less hectic places that we visit, once we have (free) time, the common or sometimes also strange things we do become his main focus. In his pictures, you often find people who fill up their free time with easy consumable recreational activities. Sometimes using of or even only staring at modern gadgets becomes the only action you see in the pictures. Communication to our fellow human beings seems to be less important in these moments. In contrast to the more or less well organized and hectic business world he investigates here the more unplanned and slower actions of his protagonists. What are the things in live, which are really meaningful to us? Not too surprisingly these things are in most of the cases very small.

Common for all his paintings are very special perspectives. Human beings groups or individuals are the main actors in his work. Some paintings remind us of snapshots with unusual image sections, which are purposely chosen or even designed by the artist. Christian is interested in the stories behind the scenes and especially in the relations between the people. He does not want to reveal everything to the viewer from the very first. Ambiguity is most of the time very welcome.